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March 27, 2017

DC - 3GHz. The dummy load kit comes with 20 1K 1% 1W resistors, a diode-capacitor rectifier for peak voltage readings using a DVM, and a BNC connector. With the use of an inexpensive 11 Megohm multimeter, and a little math, you can measure the power output into the 50 ohm load. The 100 watt resistor and SO-239 connector are shown in Figure 1. In the last installment of “The $50 Ham” I built a common tool used by amateur radio operators who are doing any kind of tuning or testing of transmitters: a dummy load. While the dummy load resistance is nearly perfect, a few more calculations are needed. As the resistors were designed to be used as RF loads, I decided to make a good dummy load using only tools that most homes have. RF dummy loads from Pasternack are available in two categories, feed-thru and RF load. 2.2k resistor on 1.25v will pull just under 0.6mA and dissipate around 0.7mW 2.2k resistor on 12v will pull around 5.5mA and dissipate around 65mW Neither of these are much of a test on a power supply - and a 10W resistor isn't going to get noticeably warm. Some of them being of gigantic measurements, some of them are even drowned in even vegetable oil for extra thermal capacity. I need to check a 48V battery with dummy loads of 1000-2000 watts for 5-10 minutes. When the dump load is turned on it will consume 33 amps. The likely dump voltage is going to be about 30 volts. I noticed 100 watt 50 ohm resistors on eBay listed at five for $6.50 or one for $1.99. offers 844 dummy load 500w products. 50-Ohm 10-Watt Dummy Load (though with the instructions here you can build any wattage) Disclaimer: We are not responsible for what you do to your radio, any damages it may incur during any modifications you perform, any information from this site, or any projects you decide or attempt to build. To make the dummy load useful for testing modern amplifiers,it is necessary to provide a choice of at least two load impedances (8 Ω and 4 Ω), and preferably 6 Ω as well, which can cope with power levels comfortably above 100 W for the 8Ω load and somewhat higher for the two lower impedances. By using two 100 ohm resistors in parallel your dummy load will exhibit the required 50 ohm load. After constructing an AMP6 T-Amp kit, and while testing the maximum power output using 4.7 ohm 50W ceramic power resistors the hot resistors had begun to scortch a cutting mat they were resting on and also melting the wire insulation of test leads which had fallen on one of the … This is 240 watts. Dry load can be operated in any position. The MFJ-250 VersaLoad KW Wet Dummy Load lets you tune up fast! My dry dummy load consists of ten Globar 500 ohm resistors of either 100 or 200 watts each I forget. There are a lot of commercially available dummy loads, but simple projects like this help get back to the home brew roots of amateur radio. There are two identical PCBs, and the resistors are sandwiched between them to minimise stray inductance. This 10 ohm resistor will dissipate 5.8 amps at 58 volts. About 2% of these are Telecom Parts, 0% are Communication Antenna. I also assume these would as well take hours to build. Especially being a dummy load, designed to accept power and convert it to heat, it's necessary to do a power calculation for each resistor, and make sure that the resistor is within its power rating, either 1 watt or 2 watts with the parts I was going to use. Discussion in 'Homebrew and Kit ... with fins about 1.5 in. A 100 watt resistor and SO-239. There is also a simple diode RF detector which rectifies and smooths the peak voltage, which can be read Bird 500-CT-MN 500 Watt Dummy Load. Or run 1/2 KW CW or 1 KW PEP for 20 minutes. DIY Speaker / Amplifier Dummy Load. I'm not sure if extra support or resistance was used on the coil to prevent it from moving excessively. You have a 500 watt water turbine and a 1000 watt dump load and you are operating a 24 volt system. The dummy load comes complete with a derating curve. A dummy load is an important tool for testing and tuning equipment. (50 ohms). Seems to me if its specified to 4 Gig it should work fine for 100 watts of HF or even 2M. The 8201 is a 500 watt (Continuous Commercial Service-rated) resistor-style dummy load, which operates with an SWR not to exceed 1.25:1 up to 2500 MHz. DIY Audio Home. Warranty 1 Year Extremely low VSWR. Instructions for building a 10 watt QRP dummy load using a Pill Bottle! Narrative RF coaxial load for transmitter termination or testing. Dummy Load Kit 1. So I had to give it a round shape, by shortening the fins of the heatsink. A 25 Watt Dummy Load Dummy load described here can be used for up to 35 watts for short transmissions, and up to 25 watts for longer periods. Dummy loads like this are used on base station setups, or test benches when you want to measure power output without actually broadcasting your signal. Matt shares with us his build of a fantastic looking dummy speaker load box. Weber used a coneless speaker cone for a dummy load. The dummy load resistor on the 12 volt rail was a little too hot for me even though the output voltages were good. It is very widely used with base stations in the commercial radio services. You can run 1KW CW or 2 KW PEP for 10 minutes. Parts needed: 8- 100 Ohm 2 watt carbon film resistors 1- Small piece of RG8 50 Ohm coax 1- Small piece of pref board. Since the resistor is rated at 500 watts, this is within its safe operating range. This is a simple DIY Speaker dummy load that was put together very quickly. I used standard L-brackets from the DIY store to prop up the heatsink. It uses a quality 50 Ohm non-inductive resistor. All that is needed to build your own dummy load … This dummy load consists of 20 1K 1% 1W resistors connected in parallel to make a 50-ohm 20W QRP dummy load. Keep stuff simple. 1- Med bottle, Or what ever you want to put it in. Useful range is from DC to 150MHz. Figure 1. But more importantly is making sure you are using an exact 50 ohm test variable that won't change like an antenna system might. In addition to the dummy load, each version has an on board Schottky diode that rectifies the RF voltage and provides a peak detected output. 400 watt dummy-load ... Dummy-loads are easy and relatively inexpensive to build yourself, using one or more suitable resistors. A common approach is to connect multiple The one described here is capable of dissipating 100 Watts for short periods of time and provides a low power 50Ω port suitable for connecting a receiver or spectrum analyser for station monitoring. Maximum Power Input (Watts) 5 Comments 4kW peak for 5us. stock pot and it will handle all I would ever want to dump into it. I tested it also with the dummy load resistor on the 5 volt rail and it ran much cooler with hardly any difference in the output voltages. Build a simple HF/VHF 100W dummy load Chris G4AKE Every radio amateur should own a dummy load. The dummy load will allow you to test your radio unit without your signal “getting out” beyond a few feet. VSWR 1.25:1 Connector N Female Frequency Range DC - 6 GHz Mfg. Dummy Load. 0.25 Watts, 0.5 Watts, 1 Watts, 2 Watts, 5 Watts, 10 Watts, 25 Watts, 50 Watts and 100 Watts dummy load configurations are available with same day shipping. FIGURE 1. This is 336 watts. If your club has never tried a club build, this would be a good first project for several reasons. The QRPGuys Dummy Load/Power Meter is a 50 Ω, 12W rated terminated load that is useful tool when setting up or diagnosing most low power transmitters. 1- PL259, I have a quick connector attached to my PL259 Pasternack 500 Watts Dummy Loads are part of over 30,000 RF, microwave and fiber optics products available for same day shipment. ... Of course it will get hot - the heatsink theta-JA is about 0.4 degrees C per watt, so it will be at about 100C with 100W/channel continuous (it would probably take an hour to heat up that much due to it's thermal mass). The dummy load display case. If we divide 1000 watts (dump load) by 30 volts we get a result of 33 amps. A couple gallons of silicone load oil I got when we burned up a 5 Kw load at work and a 16 qt. Try plugging a dummy 1/4" plug (tip connected to sleeve) into the FX return and see if that cuts the sound to the speaker while still allowing you to use the FX send and master volume at line levels. We have tested these elements at 24v (less than 15%), 60v (100% design) and 120v (1440 watts – 400% design) and the resistors do not show any fatigue. 10ohm resistor on 1.25v will pull 125mA and dissipate around 156mW Again, this isn't much of a test. Those examples to my eyes looked like a complete mess. Build a wet dummy load using a 1 gallon paint can, at eham forum 100 W Dummy Load This was a project to make a dummy load or, as the finished thing is more correctly labelled, a fifty ohm resistive load. DL50-NMRA-1 Dummy Load, 60 watt, Type-N Male Right Angle, DB Products (Clean Used) Regular Price: $59.95 Special Price $49.95 500 Watts Dummy Loads from Pasternack Enterprises ship same day. A nice dummy load. The Build: I have already seen a bunch of examples on how to build a dummy load with an abundance of same value 1/2 W resistors. A wide variety of dummy load 500w options are available to you, such as package type, technology. Run continuous duty with 200 Watts CW or 400 Watts PEP. 50 ohm N-plug. I decided to install two 10 watt, 15 ohm resistors in parallel for a the dummy load. 500 Watts Dummy Loads and other RF, microwave and … Introduction A dummy load is used at the output of a transmitter for testing purposes. Here is a simple 16 watt 50 Ohm dummy load for your work bench. (Refer to drawing and photo below) Editors Note: This simple project enables you to build a very small QRP 50 ohm dummy load that fits inside a suitable sized pill bottle and can take up to 10 watts of rf on hf. TMC050 wire wound power resistors from Vishay mounted to heatsinks to increase power dissipation are used for the load. We have tested these elements at 24v (less than 15%), 60v (100% design) and 120v (960 watts – 400% design) and the resistors do not show any fatigue. This 15 ohm resistor will dissipate 4 amps at 60 volts. First, everyone who puts a signal on the air should have, and use, a dummy load.With older equipment, there was a lot more knob-fiddling … The 10 Watt (DC-150MHz) 50 Ohm Dummy Load/Power Meter kit is available as either a through hole, or SMT (Surface Mount Technology) version. DIY dummy load resistor. Pasternack dummy loads for RF include precision and standard versions and many are RoHS and REACH compliant. Since the resistor is rated at 500 watts, this is within its safe operating range. The dummy speaker load box is reconfigurable to 2-ohm, 4-ohms, 6-ohm, 8-ohm, 16-ohm and 32-ohm loads. up to 12 watts. Since each resistor can handle three watts, the dummy load will handle six watts. Not needed but looks better.

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