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March 27, 2017

That is what makes him a genuine work of art". If you're 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. Megumi Ogata finished second in the voice-actor rankings for three years. Character Description: Shinji Ikari. Casual [98] After his arrival on Tokyo-3, he repeats "I mustn't run away" in an attempt to face his responsibilities. However, before defeating the Angel, Shinji's battle puts two of his classmates in serious danger. For example, one of the first things he does after being forced to attack Toji (who is severely injured and crippled in the anime, but actually dies of his injuries in the manga) is to try to punch his father. After reevaluating his position and talking with Rei, Kaworu and Yui, he decides that he wants to live in the real world and returns to Earth, also giving other humans the opportunity to return. Shinji Ikari (Japanese: 碇 シンジ, Hepburn: Ikari Shinji) is a fictional character in the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise created by Gainax. Because of this, Shinji spends several days wandering the town, until he sees Kensuke and spends the night with him. As he witnessed this event, he was subjected to considerable trauma that had lingering effects upon him. In all the continuities, Fuyutsuki has a soft spot (albeit not always visible) for Shinji, presumably because he reminds the Deputy Commander of Yui Ikari; unlike Gendo, Fuyutsuki shows concern for Shinji's well-being. Gemini. [110][111] He also craves acceptance, and is very concerned about how others perceive him;[112] in fact, he pilots Eva-01 for the approval of others[113][114] rather than out of heroism or idealism. When Toji and Kensuke point out that Misato allows Shinji to see that side of her because she considers him family, their connection becomes even stronger. He liked to say “だからさー”, though I said “it make me sick”, but secretly I thought it was very cool. At first glance, it may seem like Shinji is a normal human, but in reality he belongs to an enigmatic and all-powerful alien race known as the Beyonders. This is also paired with Asuka eventually letting go of seeking Kaji to validate her as an adult, as she starts to begrudgingly accept Shinji's piloting prowess and to find an equal in him, something she is unwilling to do with Rei. My voyage dissects the course of time "Who knows?" Due to this and the arrival of the unusual 12th Angel, Shinji ventures to face it alone, resulting in Unit-01 being captured in the Angel's shadow, trapping him in a Sea of Dirac. Shinji is generally more confident in games like Battle Orchestra. Although his complexity was praised and generally considered realistic, he was criticized for his insecurity and weakness. In Episode 08, Asuka makes her series debut and immediately regards Shinji as "dull". However, Asuka is the second person to come back after he rejects Instrumentality, and Shinji finds her laying by his side. Official. Shinji is unaware that Rei tried to surprise him by inviting Gendo to a dinner party. The next day, Kaworu is identified as the 17th Angel as he descends into Terminal Dogma. Shinji's reason for refusing to pilot Unit-01 is also different in the manga. Shinji Ikari, also known as The Doctor, is one of the main protagonists of Secret Wars (Evangelion Secret Wars), an Evangelion fan fiction. "Ikari" means "anchor" in Japanese, but written in different Kanji, it can also mean "anger". [75] In Neon Genesis Evangelion: Shinji Ikari Raising Project, he is presented as a childhood friend of Asuka and a distant cousin of Rei Ayanami. Sadamoto tried to portray him as more of a misfit, a young teenager more stubborn, rebellious, juvenile and apathetic than Hideaki Anno's insecure character. The Netflix release, translated by, "Speaking about Kaworu and Shinji’s relationship, I want to write it like what often happen between primary school boys and middle school boys. During the days that they lived in a furnished room at NERV HQ practicing their dance routine, Shinji began to understand where Asuka was coming from and allowed himself to confide a little in her. However, the Eva reactivates and goes Berserk, easily overpowering the Angel, and proceeding to devour its S² Engine into itself. At the beginning of the series, Misato first brings Shinji Ikari to NERV and is able to convince him to pilot the Eva Unit-01. They almost kiss in an elevator, but are interrupted by Misato and Kaji. Gainax wanted to reflect the psychological state of animation fans and the Japanese society, in which fathers are always at work and emotionally absent. Fortunately, Gendo Ikari, Shinji's father, came up with an answer: his non-stop whining son Shinji. [4] In Episode 01, Shinji shows Misato the letter his father sent, summoning him to Tokyo-3. They are attacked by Asuka and Mari, who have followed them into Terminal Dogma. [76] In Petit Eva: Evangelion@School, Shinji is portrayed as a boy "frightened by the idea of growing up" but popular with the students of Tokyo-3's Municipal Nerv High School. Shinji initially shows a passive and laid-back personality, inheriting such traits from his relaxed life with his sensei. He is also something of a know-it-all and slightly more audacious and cynical when it comes to dealing with others, for instance mentally thinking of Asuka as a "bitch" and displaying a dislike for her, though they get closer over time. Shinji has placed highly in popularity polls and has been the subject of scholarly study. He wondered "what the world looked like through Shinji's eyes", changing the main theme from "running or not running away" to "being honest with themselves as much as possible". [56] In the anime's fourth episode, Shinji runs away because he is overwhelmed by responsibility; in the manga, he runs away because he realizes that Misato is spying on him and documenting his every move. He lives initially just with Misato Katsuragi; they are later joined by Asuka Langley Soryu. Shinji pilots Unit-01 to save Rei from the Angel's core. For Oguro, with the vision of his mother's breast Shinji resolves his oral fixation, becoming a more self-conscious individual. [181] IGN's Ramsey Isler called him the "greatest anime character" of all time, praising his originality and realistic characterization. In general, Shinji is shown to be introverted and disconnected from physical reality due to having little to no meaningful contact with others. [126][127] In the film The End of Evangelion, Shinji chooses to live with other people, rejecting the Instrumentality and accepting the dilemma. Shinji of the House Ikari, the First of His Name The Last Prime Shinji Ayanami Shinji Prime Shinji Vi Prime Shinji Vi Arcadia Shinji Augustus Aurora Ciel Vi Arcadia ... Age: 14(Biologically), Notion not applicable (Technically) Birthday: 6 June Died {{{Died}}} Physical description; Species: [134] Anime News Network reviewer Mike Crandol noted that Shinji depends on Unit 01 in the first part of the series, becoming negatively affected by the symbiotic relationship. [84] He is a playable character in the Super Robot Wars crossover video-game franchise,[85] where he and other Evangelion characters work with characters from other mecha series. TBA: TBA: TBA:) TBA: TBA {{{Closed}}} Character Powers and Abilities: Equipment: Quotes: Occupation: Family: Affiliation: History “ TBA „ ~ Shinji Ikari. In Episode 23, when Armisael attacks and Asuka is too mentally fragile to control her Eva, Shinji is launched to attack it. He encounters Kaji watering his garden, and he explains to Shinji that while that is all he can do, Shinji can do much more, and convinces him to pilot Unit-01 once more. Unknown. He is a high school student and the pilot of a robot known as Evangelion that is tasked with protecting the world from aliens known as Angels. When he is told to pilot Unit-01, he denies, not wanting to do it. [142] In the twentieth episode, "Weaving a story 2: Oral Stage", Shinji is trapped in Eva-01 (which dissolves into its Entry Plug); in a stream of consciousness, he has Freudian visions which include breastfeeding by Yui. Shinji Ikari(碇 シンジ,Ikari Shinji?) Shortly thereafter, Shamshel attacks, and Shinji pilots Unit-01 once again. [116] Writer Andrea Fontana agreed, seeing him as a representation of otaku and their inability to relate to others. [86] In other games, Eva Unit-01 goes berserk after fighting the fourth angel and he fights Kouji Kabuto and Mazinger Z. [39] He merges with its unit and frees the Evangelion; however, he is trapped in its core for a month. Add new page. Any/All. Shinji is quick to decline the offer, though he does spend the night at Kaworu's apartment, sleeping on the floor beside his bed, as he is afraid to go home. As the Angel Israfel arrives, Shinji and Asuka are both deployed in their Evas to destroy it. He only returns after encountering Mari and seeing the Tenth Angel devour Unit-00. Following the failed activation test of Unit-03, and its abandonment and re-classification as the 13th Angel, Shinji is sortied to defeat it alongside Rei and Asuka. Shinji lives a very reclusive existence until at the age of fourteen, he receives a letter containing a Nerv ID card, a risqué postcard from Captain Misato Katsuragi, and a note from his father simply stating "Come!" NERV's job is to protect humanity from the Angels, massive monsters that began appearing after a cataclysmic event called the Second Impact. He lost his mother at a young age, and he hasn't seen his father in ten years. Left in a deep depression nearing the end of the original series, an indecisive Shinji Ikari struggles with the ultimatum presented to him: to completely accept mankind's existence, or renounce humanity's individuality. She also realizes she is jealous of Asuka dividing Shinji's attention. He usually plays tracks 25 ("You Are the Only One") and 26 ("Blue Legend"), though in episodes 02 and 23, the songs are varied to different background music and vocals. But at the same time as we dislike Shinji and what he reminds us of, we understand him entirely. "It was my intention to create a wistful character who had given up on life", he said. After being reprimanded by Misato, Shinji overcomes his own weakness, stays with NERV, and goes back to live with Misato. [205] Shinji is also referenced by Steven Universe in the show of the same name, parodying the series' final scene. After witnessing his mother Yui Ikari's death as a child, Shinji was abandoned by his father, Gendo Ikari. With the final Angel vanquished, Nerv has one last enemy left to face—the humans under Seele's command. Asuka runs away and falls into a coma; Toji and Kensuke flee Tokyo-3, and Shinji becomes depressed. Shinji in Rebuild of Evangelion, while mostly the same as his anime counterpart, comes across as somewhat more angry about his situation (although he isn't outwardly angry like his manga counterpart with Sadamoto's take on the series). Ikari literally translates as "anchor", but can also mean "wrath/anger/rage". Kaworu telling him he liked him surprised Shinji as he is afraid of talking to Asuka, Misato or Rei, as Shinji has internalized his belief that nobody cared about him thanks to his own partly self-imposed isolation - afterwards, feeling that Kaworu has simply used him further reinforces this, as he thinks everyone is lying to him, because Shinji is unwilling to recognize the ambiguity and insecurity in other people, and the risk and uncertainty involved in reaching out to them himself, something Kaworu temporarily allowed him to ignore. [139] Eva-01 can be seen as a motherly breast, and a source of profound ambivalence for the character. It could be seen that Shinji's preferred weapon in battle is the progressive knife seeing as he will usually go for that first in a battle. He first pilots the Evangelion Unit-01 Type-F and, after the attack of Eva0.0 (Quatre) and the unification of his soul with Eva-01, pilots the mecha Super Evangelion and its upgrades. [108][109] Despite the tension between him and his father, however, Shinji yearns to trust him. He becomes despondent after Kaworu tells him that humanity holds him responsible for initiating the Third Impact. Shinji Ikari is a 14 year old Japanese computer hacker who is most famous for screaming really loud. ",[2] further demonstrating his need to move forward and let go of the past. Shinji says he is just like her, but Asuka says Shinji can't understand her. Also, when Shinji checks on Rei in her entry plug after the Sixth Angel's defeat, the two hold hands as Rei smiles at him. This, paired with the fact that Shinji had killed what he saw as a human being and someone he cared about, was part of what drove him into his state of absolute despair in Episode 25, in which he declared that he felt unworthy even of the piloting which had consumed his identity, thinking that if all he did was hurt and kill others, it was better to do nothing. ― Shinji Shinji Ikari is the Third Child, the main protagonist of the series and the designated pilot of Evangelion Unit-01. Shinji is immediately hit by one of Ramiel's attacks and is forced into retreat by Misato. They meet under slightly different circumstances, as Asuka has already defeated Gaghiel by herself. Shinji Ikari (son), Gendo Ikari (husband), Rei Ayanami (clone) Age 27 (at time of "death") Birthday 03/30/1977 Seiyū : Megumi Hayashibara: Voice Actor (English): Kim Sevier (TV), Amanda Winn-Lee (films), Stephanie Young (Rebuild), Ryan Bartley (Netflix) (Italian): Valentina Mari (German): Marie Bierstedt (TV) , Corinna Dorenkamp (Films Rebuild) Contents. When their bath is done, Shinji tells Kaworu that he needs to go to bed, to which Kaworu is confused and asks if they will go together. Kaji and Misato devise a plan to take down the Angel after it heals and returns in a few days time; however, the plan requires the cooperation of both Evangelion units. When he begs for Asuka's attention and she refuses him, Shinji begins Instrumentality and humanity's souls are reunited into one existence. Known Relatives Even after Rei and Asuka are dispatched by the unit, Shinji still shows reluctance to fight it, claiming that he'd rather die than kill the pilot inside. NERV It is unclear how much of the pre-Instrumentality world carries over into this one, although the déjà-vu Shinji experiences on seeing Asuka and Kensuke, as well as "relics" resembling Angels, suggests that some significant portion of it has. [102] Character designer Sadamoto described Shinji as "the kind of character who would encase himself in a shell of his own making". A difference with his relationships towards Misato Katsuragi and Rei Ayanami, however, is that he is somewhat physically close to them as the film progresses. Kaworu is killed by the DSS Choker he took from Shinji to stop the Fourth Impact. In the anime, it is Ritsuko, not Misato, who asks Shinji to take Rei's ID card to her apartment. A bit shook up, Shinji follows Rei to NERV, returns her ID card, and asks her about his father; when he tells her that he has no faith in Gendo, she slaps him. They place a DSS Choker on him: an explosive device on his neck which will be activated if he comes close to starting another Impact. Melee Weapon . Shinji Ikari, also known as The Doctor, is one of the main protagonists of Secret Wars (Evangelion Secret Wars), an Evangelion fan fiction. Shinji Ikari has been through a lot. Powers and Stats. When spending time at NERV or out in the city, he wears his uniform which is a white dress shirt, blue t-shirt, dark pants and white rubber shoes, though when in his apartment, he will often wear something more casual. Shinji has spent that time inside the core of Unit-01, which was sealed inside a Tesseract orbiting Earth. [11][12][13] Shinji would make a reappearance in the winter 2019 Shinkalion film, making a small appearance in the final battle. The next day, agents from NERV come and take Shinji back to NERV HQ. In the anime series of the same name, Shinji is a young man who was abandoned by his father (Gendo), who asks him to fly a mecha called Evangelion Unit 01 to protect the city of Tokyo-3 from Angels: creatures which threaten to destroy humanity. Shinji starts choking her again, but instead of reacting with aggression or hostility, Asuka caresses Shinji gently (similarly to how Yui had done a few minutes earlier in the movie) which stops him as this first open act of compassion demonstrates to Shinji that he might be accepted after all. Her frustration with Shinji often leads to her recounting her own insecurities to him, much to her surprise. After Shinji realizes that he failed to save Rei and the new Rei is a clone, Nagisa convinces him to pilot Eva-13 with him. Shinji initially refuses to attack Asuka, and says he wants to save the world by pulling the Spears, but Asuka is flabbergast, and asks him if he is trying to start another Impact. It might be that her bullying sometimes causes Shinji to bite back at her, as Asuka wants his attention, and he views Asuka, in a strange fashion, as a source of strength, one that he misses when Asuka is laid low by her encounter with Arael. Shinji in the manga constantly avoids Kaworu as when he met him Kaworu killed a stray cat, which upsets Shinji. [15] Sadamoto drew Shinji in an ordinary summer school uniform with a white shirt, making him "an average character". We’ve all been there. [41] Kaworu turns out to be the final Angel, however; Shinji is forced to kill him, traumatizing him further. [200] Lain Iwakura (the female protagonist of Serial Experiments Lain),[201] Simon from Gurren Lagann,[202] Daisuke Dojima from Revisions,[203] and the main character of Cyborg She[204] were compared with Shinji by anime critics. It should be noted though, due to being genetically related to Rei's ultimate fate, the two may never have a romantic relationship, or even wish for one. Shinji is initially puzzled at Rei's behaviour, and the bond she seems to have with Gendo, in contrast to Shinji's own and much more strained relationship with his father. [173] Comic Book Resources also criticized Shinji as a stereotypical talented male protagonist with a harem. He lost his mother at a very early age, and his father has been mostly absent until the start of the series, when he returns to Shinji’s life not in a paternal role at all, but as the cold, ruthless commanding officer—but instead of this giving Shinji a desire to prove himself by being The Best like a typical anime orphan, it just leaves him without any emotional support. In episode 23, in retaliation for SEELE's interrogation and Gendo's indifference, she takes Shinji (with Misato in tow) to Terminal Dogma, reveals some of NERV's deepest secrets, and destroys the Dummy Plug system before their eyes. Shinji throws his knife to Asuka, and after a short struggle, Asuka defeats Sandalphon. [183][184] Martin Theron of Anime News Network, reviewing Evangelion 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone, praised Shinji's realism. [1] He originally proposed a character similar to Asuka Langley Soryu as the protagonist, following the Gainax tradition of a female protagonist in Gunbuster and Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water. Shinji's insecurity and torment are explored through streams of consciousness and inner monologues, with episodes focusing on his introspection. He has an open crush on Rin Tohsaka, but she does not return his interest, much to his frustration. [180] Examining the differences between Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance film and the original animated series, Jitendar Canth posted on myReviewer.com: "To the relief of many, Shinji isn't as much of a whiner anymore, and he shows that he has a backbone on more than one occasion in this film". Shinji in the manga is also much more violent than he is in the anime. Answering Shinji's queries about why people are hostile to him, Kaworu shows him the ruins of Tokyo-3 and explains how his awakening of Unit-01 was "the catalyst" for Near Third Impact and further ravaged the world and its remaining human population. During Episode 16, Shinji's synch test gives the highest results among his, Rei's and Asuka's, an event that inspires confidence in him. It is implied that he is drawn to the vestiges of his mother that lie within Rei. [161] In 2012, Fuji TV asked about 14,000 fans to name the "best anime hero"; Shinji finished twentieth. His design was created by Sadamoto. [117] Critics analyzed the conflictual relationship between him and his father, comparing him with the protagonists of the works by director Yoshiyuki Tomino, especially to Amuro Ray, the main character in Mobile Suit Gundam. In 1839 he met Yui Ikari, marrying her in 1842 and inheriting her last name (Like a bitch). Somewhat similar to his feelings in The End of Evangelion, Shinji realizes that he "has no freedom" and "has no choice but to pilot Eva" when he attempts to run away from NERV after the Fifth Angel battle. Consulting Detective The world is not fantasy. Shinji resents Gendo for this, despite having run away from Gendo the last time they spoke, three years before, the last time they visited Yui's grave. Unlike in EoE, they fight together against the MP Evas, and they do not kill her. Shinji and Asuka hang out at a pool after their friends go on a field trip, where Shinji is having trouble with schoolwork. Rei has a much stronger bond to Shinji in the manga and their relationship has far more development, as Rei is greatly impacted by touching Shinji's hands and as Armisael attacks her, she realizes she has feelings for him she cannot understand. [13] Like other male protagonists in Gainax series, Shinji was conceived with a weak and insecure personality. [67][68] He is also a protagonist in Shinji Ikari Raising Project and Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days, where he is portrayed in a different light than his anime counterpart: happier and more stable. Shinji Ikari, also known as The Doctor, is one of the main protagonists of Secret Wars (Evangelion Secret Wars), an Evangelion fan fiction.He is a high school student and the pilot of a robot known as Evangelion that is tasked with protecting the world from aliens known as Angels. [132][133] Academic Susan J. Napier also interpreted the Angels as "father figures, whom Shinji must annihilate". In Super Robot Wars V, Eva Unit-01 goes berserk after fighting the fourth angel and fight Koji Kabuto and Mazinger Z. However, once the life support cuts out entirely, Unit-01 goes Berserk, and frees itself from the Angel's grasp, killing it in a shower of blood. is the acting Master of Rider in the Fifth Holy Grail War of Fate/stay night. However, when Shinji was fourteen, Gendo called him and asked him to become the pilot of a giant machine known as a… Shinji's relationships with the other characters in Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone are similar to those in the series. Cybertron. Asuka's ambivalence regarding their mutual feelings often confuses Shinji, leaving him unsure as to what he feels for her, as Asuka, in order to avoid intimacy forming between them, sometimes reverts to her self-defense mechanisms, and pushes Shinji away, even if Shinji seems barely affected by those, as per his passive nature he seems content to merely have her attention. "[186] Despite criticizing the third film, a number of reviewers praised Shinji's interactions with Kaworu. By the start of Evangelion 3.0, fourteen years have passed since Near Third Impact. Despite their efforts and Asuka and Kaworu's pleas, Shinji uses Evangelion 13 to successfully remove the Spears. When Angel Zeruel consumes Rei, Shinji returns and defeats the Angel; his decisions, however, trigger a catastrophic event named Third Impact. Shinji's cynical attitude mirrors her own detached stoicism; in a scene from the manga, when Misato notes Shinji's rather glum mood, Ritsuko responds, "A cheerful, confident Shinji would be all the more disconcerting." Wikis. He meets and befriends Kaworu, who fixes his broken SDAT player and teaches him to perform a piano duet. "crystal tribe"). Shinji engages the Angel as it is about to destroy Central Dogma, and guides it outside before the Eva runs out of energy. This helps him to accept his role as Unit 01's pilot. Shinji shows a great fear of emotional pain and of being hated or left behind, likely due to his perception of being abandoned in his youth and, subsequently, blaming himself for not being good enough to make his father stick around. He is a high school student and the pilot of a robot known as Evangelion that is tasked with protecting the world from aliens known as Angels. Following a prolonged period of silence, Shinji grants his request. Shinji is attracted to Asuka, though the reasoning is not explicitly stated.

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