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March 27, 2017

Today I would like to share several of the most common adoption grant sources. Adopt US Foster Kids & International Orphan Waiting, Adoption Home Study & Papers | Questions, Application, Checklist. Logistical. This team may support the family through financial donations toward adoption expenses but also provide strength in prayer, encouragement, and post-adoption support. Adoption fees have a wide range, and we know how stressful that can be. Adoption grants are available for both international and domestic adoption in the amount of $500 to $15,000. The National Adoption Foundation offers financial aid to families to help offset expenses directly associated with the adoption process and the formation of families. 3. Promise686 matches their funds raised dollar-for-dollar up to the grant amount. JSC ADOPTION FOUNDATION. Much to my delight and encouragement, I found that there were adoption grants available that might help us. For every $1 raised, the grant would match $1. It is more than legal: It’s situational. Here are a few of the adoption grant organizations that DO NOT accept applications from families for adoption grants. A CHILD WAITS FOUNDATION. Families fundraise for their adoption within their sphere of influence, typically using letters, emails, or face-to-face meetings. Most of the time, these funds are set up to assist adoptions of special needs or hard-to-place children. Complete and submit an application requesting a matching grant or interest-free loan along with fundraising support. We believe that by decreasing the financial burden of adoption, more families are able to adopt and more children are placed in loving families. Attend An Event Matching Adoption Grants allow you to fundraise and let people make tax-deductible … Families fundraise for their adoption within their sphere of influence, typically using letters, emails, or face-to-face meetings. Lifesong for Orphans (Matching Grants, Interest-free Loans) – Lifesong offers matching grants in Many families who receive Adoption Matching Grants may later apply for a Legal Grant. Abba Fund’s Christian Family Adoption Grant Fund allows families to activate their communities of friends and family to give into a charitable fund to help reduce the financial burden of their adoption by providing the key services to help transform a child’s future. Many company 401k plans allow employees to borrow up to 50% of their current 401k balance. Foster Care, Give Families access these funds to pay legitimate adoption expenses. Please reach out to info@promise686.org to learn more. Direct Grants – Grant money paid directly to service provider for adoption expenses. Fundraising Grants – The grant organi… Help Us Adopt is open to any family, regardless of race, religion, marital status, or sexual orientation. Average grants $2,000-$5,000. It was extremely frustrating as I kept on running into the same outdated and inaccurate information. 2. Financing an adoption may seem like an impossible task, but you can do it — and we can help! We were excited to be approved for another grant. They are partnered with Lifesong for Orphans to provide financial assistance to adoptive families, in addition to p… Many require that the agency be a nonprofit. Legal Grants are offered to offset the legal costs of adoption such as in the case of the domestication of a foreign adoption. Pray. In this case, families complete a short application designed for this situation. Most adoption processes in international programs have fees spread out over a 24-48 month period, but domestic programs can be shorter. Most of the time, these funds are set up to assist adoptions of special needs or hard-to-place children. The Adoption Hope Foundation’s financial grant program strives to help couples/individuals from the state of Connecticut with the cost of their adoption by awarding grants in amounts varying from $500 – $15,000. How to fund your adoption can be tricky. Adoption is not just a legal process, but a child–parent matching process as well. To request a Grant Application, fill out this short pre-approval application. When my family began our adoption journey more than 10 years ago, we felt called to adopt. If you have questions about grants, loans, or any of the other services provided by Lifesong, you can call the main office at (309) 747-4527, email info@lifesong.com , or visit their website at lifesong.org . Examples include Kansas, Missouri, Indiana, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, and New England states. Promise686’s Grant Committee reviews the applications for each grant cycle and invites families under consideration to be interviewed in person or via Skype. ), I decided to do something about it. DOES YOUR EMPLOYER MATCH The Gift of Adoption Fund: www.giftofadoption.org Grants to qualified US citizens who have an approved home study. • Applicants must be utilizing a non-profit adoption agency. The costs of same-sex adoption are similar to other types of adoption and may range anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000, or more. Luckily, organizations like HelpUsAdopt.org give out grants of up to $15,000 for deserving prospective parents, regardless of their ethnicity, religious affiliation, marital status, and sexual orientation. All applicants are welcome, but due to limited funding, we cannot award grants to all qualified applicants. Katelyn’s Fund (Adoption Grants) – Katelyn’s Fund is a faith-based organization devoted to giving grants to Christian families in need. Building your future The coming weeks and months will be extremely exciting but also challenging, sometimes in unexpected ways. We understand that most families don’t have the funds needed for an adoption readily available. I regularly check to verify the accuracy of every link, email and other contact information. Matching grant amounts are determined based on financial need. Family Advocacy Ministries Since they have fewer application eligibility criteria, they will naturally receive more applications than they have funds. Promise686 maintains a preferred relationship with Christina Bennett, LLC and sends all grant recipients to this firm (ChristinaBennettLaw.com). Through adoption financial assistance, we can help you bridge the gap in adoption fundraising with tools, such as matching grants, interest-free loans, crowdfunding pages, and fundraising support. Lifesong for Orphans is an example an organization which offers this type of grant. Adoption NOTE – Expenses for reimbursement include: (Contact us for how best to submit this expense). Adoption Matching Grants are awarded $500 – $4000 for a one child adoption and $500 – $6000 for the adoption of more than one child. Promise686 offers two types of adoption grants, Adoption Matching Grants and Legal Grants. Because all of this information is so hard to keep track of, I began to develop a database of adoption grants and loan options that would work for my family based on the eligibility criteria mentioned above. Matching Grants – The grant organization offers to match dollar for dollar donations the adoptive family collects from donors. One year later, we applied for another grant when our son was born as a surprise and once again we didn’t have the funds to complete payment to our adoption agency. Grant decisions are communicated within six weeks of the application deadline. If your employer or your spouse’s employer has a matching gift program, your gift to Gift of Adoption may be doubled or even tripled. Involve Your Church Through the years, Holt families have received over $3.3 million … All at no cost to you and 100% of the gifts received by Lifesong will go directly to helping bring your child home. They also provide pre-adoption resource guides and post-adoption counseling support. My main goal is to save adoptive families the time and frustration by doing the research and keeping data up-to-date. Average grants $2,000-$5,000. Now that you have finished all the prerequisite adoption paperwork and training, you’re on your way to having a child or sibling group matched with you. However, I was discouraged by the lack of detail on these sources. Adoption Matching Grants Adoption Matching Grants are awarded $500 – $4000 for a one child adoption and $500 – $6000 for the adoption of more than one child. It was a great feeling, but we lacked the financial means to reach our goal. Matching Grants Home About Us Application Process Apply Testimonials Updates More Hand in Hand is not accepting application at this time. Check out how it works by visiting Adopt Together. Over the last 10 years of adoption grant research, I also discovered that all adoption grant organizations have eligibility criteria. Some are simply no longer in existence, but others have switched to a humanitarian focus instead of offering adoption grants. Lifesong offers a wide variety of adoption fundraising opportunities: matching grants, adoption loans, crowdfunding, and family fundraising. There are some that allow single applicants, but it is more common for them to prefer married, Christian couples; very few adoption grant organizations will consider private domestic adoptions. State-specific grants – There are several states that have adoption grant funds specifically for residents of their state. Please save yourself time by not researching or contacting these organizations. Life Song for Orphans offers matching grants up to $4,000 and interest-free loans up to $13,000. We found these few tips helpful when completing adoption grant … In addition to raising needed funds, we believe this approach builds an “adoption team” for the family. To Receive AdoptionFinancial Assistance. A Child Waits Foundation A non-profit charitable organization founded in 1998 that provides adoption grants Be The One (Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky Residents Only) Be The One, Inc. provides $500.00 grants to those families in the process of adoption Both Hands Foundation Both Hands Foundation is a practical example of James 1:27 where God commands believers to care for the orphan and the widow. Upon completion of your homestudy, you are eligible to apply for adoption funding. Adoption grant information changes constantly, but this will help get you started and save you valuable time. • The family’s adoption home study must be complete with a favorable recommendation from a licensed 501(c)(3) adoption agency. There are three basic types of adoption grants: 1. Emotional. Through adoption grants, Room for One More will help offset the high cost of adoption and help a family bring their child home. You can either fund an entire adoption or give a partial amount here: Mission & History Face to face interviews typically takes place in the Johns Creek, GA area. Families can apply for outright grants from the Foundation. Stay Informed This happened over and over again! • Applications are due on the first of every other month – January, March, May, July, September, and November. Promise686 maintains the following prerequisites for grant applicants: • Applicants must live in the state of Georgia. Keep in mind, however, that there may be a fee associated with withdrawing from your 401k early.Adoption Grants, Loans and Fundraising Resources Peer to Peer […] Monies raised over the grant amount also go toward the family’s adoption expenses. This grant source is the only one that specifically states they will accept applications from LGBT applicants. Examples include Dillon International, Holt International, WACAP, Adoption ARK, and many more. Additional Resources are available upon request. Examples include Dillon International, Holt International, WACAP, Adoption ARK, and many more. Impact To contact Promise686 with a grant-related question, email info@promise686.org. Once the court grants an Adoption Order all legal parental responsibility transfers to you and the child will then take your surname. • Applicants (both husband and wife) must be members in good standing within a Christian church adhering to the Nicene Creed. Priority for adoption grant money tends to go to parents who are adopting older children, sibling groups, or special-needs children. These are legal costs that are separate from the fees paid to an adoption agency or the agency’s attorney. Most require that families adopt through a licensed agency. I began to do research on the Internet to find ways to help pay for our adoptions. Per IRS guidelines, Promise686 must maintain complete discretion and control over use of all donated funds, but strives to honor the donor’s preferences in all cases. In addition, several grants tend to favor families who have the highest need for financial assistance and have attempted to raise the adoption funds on their own before applying for grant money for the adoption. Adoption Hope Foundation PO Box 367 Greens Farms, CT 06838 (203) 354-4971 info@adoptionhopefoundation.org Private Grants and Loans Adopt Together This non-profit funding platform helps families raise money to pay for adoption costs. In some cases, a spouse’s company will also match the gift. For complete information on adoption grant and loans and tips on how to apply for adoption grants, please check out resources4adoption.com. Because this drove me crazy (and still does! In order to apply offers matching grants from $1,000 to $4,000 to two-parent Christian families A Child Waits Foundation awards adoption loans and grants to families adopting through international adoption agencies to help international orphans find permanent homes. Over the years, as I began to work with other adoptive families, I started to expand the database into a chart that clearly outlines each grant, along with each one’s eligibility criteria. Adoption Agencies – There are several adoption agencies that have adoption grant funds available to qualified families. And, as adoptive families would agree, in the end it usually ends up being perfectly Adoption Agencies – There are several adoption agencies that have adoption grant funds available to qualified families. In order to apply for a grant, … Dave Thomas Foundation : www.davethomasfoundation.org I hope it helps bring another child home! Matching Grants Our goal is to help motivate families to raise funds for their adoption through matching grants. JSC Adoption Foundation partners with families by providing adoption grants. HANDinHAND Christian Adoption, Inc. is dedicated to helping children become part of "forever" families by partnering with Christian couples to help carry the burden of the cost of adoption through matching grants and the raising of support.. Today this listing contains detail and current information for more than 45 adoption grants. If funds are available in a grant cycle and the adoption attorney confirms that there is no conflict of interest, families who have been approved for an Adoption Matching Grant are approved for a Legal Grant. Show Hope is an example of this type of grant. Adoption Aid Adoption can cost between $5,000 and $45,000 and as a result many children around the world are not adopted. The competitive grants process for 8 Drought Resilience Innovation and Adoption Hubs to be established in regional Australia ran from 30 October to 23 December 2020. More and more are requiring the applicant family’s adoption agency be Hague Accredited. *A $5,000 gift typically funds the cost of one adoption, bringing a child home forever, because families will match your gift through their network of friends and typically surpass the initial match. We believe that the matching grant program also encourages community-building since the adopting family reaches out to their friends and family to raise support beyond necessary finances. Before you take a loan out from someone else, consider borrowing money from yourself. LIFE SONG FOR ORPHANS. Please check back for our 2020 application dates.

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